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Aida Testimonial Photo - Warren & Grant Gav

Black Sheep Marketing has been a subcontractor of Aida Group since 2017. During this time, we have developed more of a partnership than a supplier-contractor relationship, and we can honestly say that working with Gavin and his team is an absolute pleasure on a daily basis.

Gavin O’Neall as the company principle leads his team with integrity, professionalism and a true commitment that is rare to find in the sales market.  During these years with us, the Black Sheep team has been the fastest growing and most consistent team representing one of Aida’s major lotteries clients. This teams competence and efficiency have played a pivotal role in Aida’s overall success in the lotteries market.

It is because of these attributes that we at Aida will be happy to work in collaboration with the Black Sheep Marketing team for many years to come. We unreservedly recommend Black Sheep Marketing to any prospective business or employee to work with.

Warren Nicholls


Aida Group

I have been working alongside Gavin O’Neall and his Black Sheep Marketing teams for over 6 years now, as a sub-contracted partner of managed salesforces on a variety of different campaigns. Gavin has in that time grown from 1 team in Newcastle, to 8 teams across Australia. His group, including leaders, back-office staff and sales ambassadors embody his personal values; sales excellence, personal integrity, a culture of support and camaraderie, and acting as a trusted extension of a client’s brand.

Gavin has that rare sales leader quality where he looks at challenges and opportunities not only from his side, but from that of a client’s perspective, to better focus on solutions that are ‘win-win’.  Black Sheep Marketing are a first-class outfit, appreciated by suppliers, clients and employees alike, with demonstrated results and industry leading employee tenure.

I would be happy to provide a reference as and when required.

Grant Walsh

General Manager

Aida Group

Hannah Testimonial Photo

Hi, I’m Hannah and I am the National Operations Manager for Black Sheep Marketing. I joined BSM in June 2022 and in that short time I have seen BSM absolutely flourish, to the point we are now double in size from when I began. This is credit to the whole BSM team who are actively out there day by day representing our clients to the highest standard and bringing a positive face to face sales experience.  

Hannah Millard

National Operations Manager


Max Underwood Testimonial Photo

After discharging from the Army, I had no idea what direction to take in life, let alone what career to move into. I applied for another sales position in Newcastle, which I enjoyed, but the Company, management & culture weren’t the right fit for me. After moving over to BSM, I knew I was in the right place. First class management, brilliant culture and most importantly, no broken promises or moving goal posts. I’ve now been with Black Sheep for several years and still enjoy every day, it’s been hard work but the results speak for themselves as I now run my own Company in Townsville and have met some of the most supportive and best people you could ever hope to meet.

max underwood

Executive Manager


Aaron Testimonial Gav

I have now been with Black Sheep Marketing for over 3 years. Before Joining the Black Sheep team, I had very limited sales experience and spent my early years jumping from career to career looking for something that I would enjoy, but also somewhere that would help me thrive in life. Not only did I find the career I needed but also met some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life, the level of support, training and professionalism is something I will never forget. After just 8mths at BSM, I was one of the best sales agents in the Country and was running my own Company. Seriously cannot thank Gav and the team enough for the difference they’ve made to my life, both personally and professionally.

Aaron Reseck

Executive Manager


Lee Testimonial Gav

I’ve been in sales for a lot of years and have worked for several different marketing companies along the way, but the opportunity for personal and financial growth at BSM is simply like no other. I have now been running my own sales office with BSM for many years, which we have developed into one of the top performing offices in the Country. The support and mateship that we’ve created along the way will last a lifetime.

Lee Holland

Managing Director

Gold Coast

Bowen Testimonial Photo Gav

After 2yrs working with Black Sheep Marketing and at just 21yrs of age, I was able to fulfill my dream of starting my own Marketing Company. I previously attempted to create a few businesses whilst studying for a double degree in Business & Entrepreneurship at Newcastle University. These businesses failed because of my limited know-how in selling. At first, I applied for the sales position on Seek to learn the skills you need to make it in business, However after just a few months, I began to realize the potential Black Sheep Marketing offered was much more than just a sales position. I began to devote my time into learning qualities in management, leadership & organization, and under their expert mentorship, I shortly became one of Australia’s best sales agents in the lottery division. I continued to develop my skills in business and management, taking in as much knowledge as possible, and with Black Sheep’s professionalism, culture & mentorship, I quickly became a well-known figure to our blue-chip client.

Bowen Croaker

Executive Manager


James Martin Testimonial Gav

I met Gav and the Black Sheep Marketing Clan 18 months ago and almost immediately came to the conclusion that this is the role and the company that I had been searching for. The family culture that Black Sheep Marketing brings is second to none, and I’ve worked in a lot of different Countries and industries. The friendships I’ve made at BSM will last a lifetime and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I now run my own Company in Wollongong and couldn’t be happier with where my life is headed.

James Martin

Executive Manager


Harry Testimonial Photo Gav

Working at Black Sheep Marketing has allowed me to use my skills in a close-knit, hardworking team, always helping me develop and grow both professionally and personally.  They have given me the opportunity and tools to succeed in ways I never thought possible, while supporting me to do so every step of the way. I now run my own Company in Brisbane at the ripe age of 21, and can’t thank Gav and the team at BSM for the difference they’ve made to my life.

Harry Pittman

Executive Manager